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Arbor Satori
Bryan Iguchi is a legend and sport icon among the snowboard community. He is able to transform the a..
729.00€ 799.00€
Bez DPH: 799.00€
Capita D.O.A.
Tech Story The Defenders of Awesome series has a big reputation, and these boards back it u..
499.00€ 449.00€
Bez DPH: 449.00€
Capita Mercury
A favorite of all-terrain masters like Kevin Backstrom and Arthur Longo, the Mercury will get you ..
599.00€ 549.00€
Bez DPH: 549.00€
Capita Pathfinder
Tech Story The Pathfinder is a must-have deck for your resort quiver. It is fun, maneuverab..
399.00€ 359.00€
Bez DPH: 359.00€
Tech Story With a shape that turns on a dime, this board is made to jib, bonk, slide, shred..
529.00€ 499.00€
Bez DPH: 499.00€
Capita Ultrafear
As a three-time Transworld Good Wood Award winner and star of endless video segments, no board has..
479.00€ 449.00€
Bez DPH: 449.00€
Dc Ply
štýl: freestyle, all-mountain flex: 6/10 Camber: 6 mm jadro: Stratus Core - 100% drevo, na ..
420.00€ 299.90€
Bez DPH: 299.90€
Korua Café Racer Plus
Even more bite on Ice! Our go to carving board has been updated to include a layer of vibration..
Bez DPH: 749.00€
Korua Dart Plus
Carbon shaka bra! The upgraded Plus version of the Dart consists solely of the most premium mat..
Bez DPH: 749.00€
Korua Pencil Plus
The jack of all trades The all-black Pencil Plus is a premium all-round shape for effortless tu..
Bez DPH: 749.00€
Korua Pin Tonic
A Modern Pin-Tail for Everyone This modern pin-tail shape is built for longboard lovers of all si..
Bez DPH: 499.00€
Vimana The B-Rage V2
The B-Rage V2     Brage Richenberg is the essence of Scando Style ..
549.00€ 399.00€
Bez DPH: 332.50€
Vimana The Koski 2023 V2
THE KOSKI V2       157cm MidWide B..
579.00€ 409.00€
Bez DPH: 340.83€
Vimana The Meta
EARLY RELEASE - READY TO SHIP -   The Meta      ..
598.99€ 409.00€
Bez DPH: 340.83€
Vimana The Werni Stock
EARLY RELEASE - READY TO SHIP - Introducing the Werni Stock Fast, super responsive and ..
579.00€ 409.00€
Bez DPH: 340.83€