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Capita Neo Slasher
Tech Story Here's to the searchers and seekers who prefer to traverse via human power—to th..
769.90€ 499.00€
Capita Neo Slasher + Union Split kit
velkost viazania Medium   Tech Story Here's to the searchers and seekers who pre..
1,198.00€ 849.90€
Dakine BC Skin Wax
Improve your glide. No one wants to be hindered by finicky skins while traveling in the backcou..
G3 Glue Renew
For quick and easy skin glue reconditioning G3’s Glue Renew offers an easy way to recondition c..
45.00€ 39.90€
Rub on wax for application in the field in warm and variable snow conditions to repel water and prev..
15.99€ 13.90€
G3 SPLITBOARD+ GRIP Climbing Skins
Maximum grip and traction ideal for steep ascents and icy skin tracks. High-traction nylon plush m..
209.00€ 164.90€
Tail connector for any G3 splitboard skins featuring a straight edge to line up with your board and ..
29.90€ 24.90€
Features Asymmetrical Tip Connector: G3’s splitboard skin tip connectors are inspired by ..
199.00€ 154.90€
G3 Tip & Tail Connector Kit
G3's Tip & Tail Connector Kit works with all types of skins. The kit is dependable, fool-proof, ..
G3 Twin Tip and Splitboard Connector Kit
A reliable, foolproof tail attachment for all twin tip skis or splitboards. youtube video : ht..
22.90€ 19.90€
G3 Via Ski Poles
Our toughest adjustable ski touring pole, the Via is a true work horse.   ..
80.00€ 59.90€
G3 Waterproof Renew
G3’s Nano-tech Climbing Skin Waterproof Renew spray for at-home application creates a unified, flexi..
19.98€ 16.90€
Jones Dream Catcher + Karakoram Microburst set
viazanie velkost Small = US W 5 - 7,5 The Dream Catcher Split is a high performance splitboard ..
1,388.00€ 989.00€
Jones Dream Catcher Splitboard
The Dream Catcher Split is a high performance splitboard with a friendly flex. It's the ideal spli..
789.90€ 549.00€
Jones Frontier + Union Split kit
*Union Explorer Medium The Frontier Split is the ultimate splitboard for playful riders looking f..
1,119.00€ 929.00€