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Capita Neo Slasher
Tech Story Here's to the searchers and seekers who prefer to traverse via human power—to th..
769.90€ 499.00€
Jones Dream Catcher Splitboard
The Dream Catcher Split is a high performance splitboard with a friendly flex. It's the ideal spli..
789.90€ 549.00€
Jones Frontier Splitboard
The Frontier Split is the ultimate splitboard for playful riders looking for a directional freerid..
769.90€ 529.00€
Jones Solution Splitboard
The Solution is the ultimate all-terrain splitboard and delivers unrivaled backcountry performance..
949.00€ 709.00€
Jones Youth Solution Splitboard
The Youth Solution is a high performance splitboard designed for youth and small adults. This f..
559.90€ 439.00€
Korua Dart Split
The split version of our dear Dart is great for drawing fresh soul turns in soft snow be it powder..
Korua Escalator Split Plus
Whether its powder or old pressed snow, the Escalator Split + is designed for a power-saving ascent ..
Korua Pencil Split
The Pencil Splitboard being the longest board in the pointy tip range is nice for speedier turns a..
699.00€ 659.00€
Korua Tranny Finder Split
The TrannyFinder Splitboard complements a surf inspired riding style, while still allowing you to ..