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Arbor Landmark Splitboard Camber
Our latest and greatest creation comes to the Arbor line after extensive testing and our mission to ..
Bez DPH: 769.00€
Arbor Veda Camber
Committed to further exploration, Marie's intensifying love for backcountry snowboarding gave way to..
Bez DPH: 949.00€
Capita MEGA SPLIT + Skins
Tech Story  (Montana Precut Skins Included) As rewarding as the descent may be, wei..
1,499.00€ 1,199.00€
Bez DPH: 1,199.00€
Capita Neo Slasher
Tech Story Here's to the searchers and seekers who prefer to traverse via human power—to th..
769.90€ 449.00€
Bez DPH: 374.17€
Capita NEO SLASHER Splitboard
Tech Story Here's to the searchers and seekers who prefer to traverse via human power—to th..
Bez DPH: 799.00€
Jones Dream Weaver Splitboard
The Dream Weaver Split is the new name for the Dream Catcher Split. It is a high performance splitbo..
799.00€ 598.80€
Bez DPH: 499.00€
Jones Frontier Splitboard
The Frontier Split is the ultimate splitboard for playful riders looking for a directional freeride ..
799.00€ 639.20€
Bez DPH: 532.67€
Jones Mountain Twin Splitboard
The Mountain Twin Split offers creative splitboarders a premium directional twin shape option for ge..
849.00€ 829.00€
Bez DPH: 829.00€
Jones Solution Splitboard
The Solution is the ultimate all-terrain splitboard and delivers unrivaled backcountry performance i..
Bez DPH: 979.00€
Korua Dart Split
The split version of our dear Dart is great for drawing fresh soul turns in soft snow be it powder..
Bez DPH: 749.00€
Korua Escalator Split Plus
Whether its powder or old pressed snow, the Escalator Split + is designed for a power-saving ascent ..
Bez DPH: 1,099.00€
Korua Pencil Split
The Pencil Splitboard being the longest board in the pointy tip range is nice for speedier turns a..
Bez DPH: 749.00€
Korua Tranny Finder Split
The TrannyFinder Splitboard complements a surf inspired riding style, while still allowing you to ..
Bez DPH: 749.00€
Nidecker Escape splitboard
Description   Our first ever splitboard opens up the entire mountain to more riders..
Bez DPH: 699.00€