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Hyperlite 2021Union Jr
Start them off right on the Union Jr., the ideal cable deck for Groms. Hyperlite tasked Aaron Stumpf..
469.00€ 329.90€
Bez DPH: 329.90€
Hyperlite 2022 Codyak Jr
Cody Hesse is a Valdosta Wake Compound native, he’s spent more time riding there than any other wake..
360.00€ 268.00€
Bez DPH: 268.00€
Hyperlite 2022 Motive 119
A board preferred by beginner/intermediate riders who like the flowing feel of the original free rid..
289.00€ 199.00€
Bez DPH: 199.00€
Hyperlite Union
The Union puts a twist on the Wishbone shape beginning with its fully machined Woodlite Core. The Po..
629.00€ 503.20€
Bez DPH: 419.33€
Ronix Atmos Kids
A GROM PARK MACHINE.   Attention all grows - there is a new series with extra snap and fe..
Bez DPH: 450.00€
Slingshot 2022 Super Grom 125
At Slingshot we don't believe in cutting corners for groms—we see the trend in wake is skewing young..
349.00€ 299.00€
Bez DPH: 299.00€