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Hyperlite 2022 Codyak Jr 130 + Remix
  Cody Hesse is a Valdosta Wake Compound native, he’s spent more time riding there than ..
735.00€ 454.00€
Bez DPH: 454.00€
Hyperlite 2022 Union 143 +Team x combo
*velkost viazania je nutne uviest do poznamky The Union puts a twist on the Wishbone shape begi..
918.00€ 759.00€
Bez DPH: 632.50€
Hyperlite Pleasure  + Team X combo
Alex Aulbach, building on his European signature model and passion for snowboarding, is happy to i..
1,057.20€ 829.00€
Bez DPH: 690.83€
Ronix Atmos + Vision Pro Kids combo
Attention all grows - there is a new series with extra snap and feel for the cable park. We are prou..
829.00€ 779.00€
Bez DPH: 649.17€
Slingshot Contrast 142+ Jewel Combo
The ultimate crossover board designed to be ridden anywhere your adventures take you—from lake..
1,118.00€ 1,005.00€
Bez DPH: 837.50€
Slingshot Solo + Hyperlite Team X
Just like our team rider Dylan Miller, the Solo is built to shred all disciplines of the sport. Fr..
1,028.00€ 700.00€
Bez DPH: 583.33€
Slingshot Solo 142 + Remix combo
Dĺžka dosky 142 cm vhodná pre jazdcov do 70kg SOLO WAKE BOARD DETAILS W..
838.00€ 568.99€
Bez DPH: 474.16€