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Korua Café Racer Plus
Even more bite on Ice! Our go to carving board has been updated to include a layer of vibration..
Bez DPH: 749.00€
Korua Dart Plus
Carbon shaka bra! The upgraded Plus version of the Dart consists solely of the most premium mat..
Bez DPH: 749.00€
Korua Dart Split
The split version of our dear Dart is great for drawing fresh soul turns in soft snow be it powder..
Bez DPH: 749.00€
Korua Escalator Split Plus
Whether its powder or old pressed snow, the Escalator Split + is designed for a power-saving ascent ..
Bez DPH: 1,099.00€
Korua Pencil + Karakoram Microburst Set
viazanie velkost Small = US W 5 - 7,5 A Backcountry Swiss Army Knife The versatile and robus..
1,309.90€ 1,099.90€
Bez DPH: 1,099.90€
Korua Pencil Plus
The jack of all trades The all-black Pencil Plus is a premium all-round shape for effortless tu..
Bez DPH: 749.00€
Korua Pencil Split
The Pencil Splitboard being the longest board in the pointy tip range is nice for speedier turns a..
Bez DPH: 749.00€
Korua Pin Tonic
A Modern Pin-Tail for Everyone This modern pin-tail shape is built for longboard lovers of all si..
Bez DPH: 499.00€
Korua Tranny Finder Split
The TrannyFinder Splitboard complements a surf inspired riding style, while still allowing you to ..
Bez DPH: 749.00€