Ctrl Hustle

Ctrl Hustle
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Kód produktu: Hustle 2014
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Working closely with co-founder Keith Lidberg, soul meets science. Finless for those of you park riders who want it clean all the time. Built with a core of full poplar wood on the bottom and topped with our exclusive polymer foam construction, we aim to keep the world healthy and not deplete our resources. With a super quick rocker line and wider profile to create more contact with the water, we tailored our unique ERC Core 5 to nail down this charged type of energy. Simply put you feel solid under your feet, but still have flexibility in the tip and tail for pressing. So what does this do for you? The snap and energy life of the wood is complemented by the characteristics of the foam to give you the perfect blend of feel, flex, and shakra. Balanced with a torsional strength you gain instant edge response with unmatched core energy life. A formed and balanced pipe curve in the tip and tail help make locking onto obstacles a snap too. You simply need to hop on and experience this thrill ride to truly understand it.

Recommended for Obstacle and Park Use

Key Features:

  • • ERC 5 Core Construction
  • • Full Hardwood Poplar Engineered Bottom and Polymer Infused Foam Top
  • • Patterned Triaxial Glass Layup
  • • Tuff Slider Sintered Base
  • Top Seam Technology (TST Rails)

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