Ronix Julia Rick Flexbox 2

Ronix Julia Rick Flexbox 2
Výrobca: Ronix
Kód produktu: 2019
Dostupnosť: Skladom
Cena: 599.00€ 415.00€

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Julia Rick: Featuring Flex Box 2

The sport's most progressive women's rider continues to occupy the top spot on the podium, and also pushing the boundaries of inventing new tricks with her historical video sections.  Julia loves the feeling of the Kinetik Project with finite tip/tail pressure points but wanted a considerably lighter version.  So we proudly present an all Air Core version that is nearly 2 lbs. lighter and has more flex then its wood Kinetik Project counterpart.  

Size Chart

(Sq Inches)
(LBS Range)
138 2.7″ 21″-27″ 16.9″ 814 Up to 175

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