Slingshot Vision

Slingshot Vision
Výrobca: Slingshot
Kód produktu: Vision
Dostupnosť: Skladom
Cena: 614.00€ 299.00€

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Vision is what drives innovation and it is the force behind the new 2014
Vision twin-tip. Inspired by the performance and versatility of the RPM
kite, the Vision was created to bridge the gap between competitive and
recreational riding.
All the features on the Vision are carefully tuned to deliver a balanced
ride for all ability levels and style. Starting with a completely new
approach, we dialed in the Vision’s flex pattern to deliver outstanding
pop and soft landings, regardless of whether you are riding boots or footstraps.
The Vision’s outline and chined rails prevents spray by focusing
the water down and away from the rider. With the addition of laser
cutting technology we were able to create the first ever “bonzer” channel
configuration on a full wood-core board. Combined with a continuous
rocker line that delivers smooth turns and landings while still providing
maximum edge control and maneuverability. The 2014 Vision is built with
the “legendary Slingshot construction” using only the highest-quality and
greenest materials available. Realize your Vision.


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