Ronix Highlife Flexbox 2

Ronix Highlife Flexbox 2
Výrobca: Ronix
Kód produktu: 2019
Dostupnosť: 1
Cena: 549.00€ 428.00€

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Highlife: Most Rocker In Our Park Board Range


A cable specific shape created to get you there bigger and higher. The Highlife has the most amount of rocker and bottom features of any Ronix board and is designed for bigger boosts both on air tricks and leaving a kicker. With a precise edge hold into air tricks and with nearly 1” more rocker than its Kinetik brother, this series will release from the water with more amplitude. Together with Flexbox 2 and wood running horizontally in the tip/tail, this board has infinite end pressure points with a more stout mid-section.


  • FlexBox 2
  • Speedwalls
  • G&R Technology
  • Vertical wood in the center / horizontal wood in the tip and tail
  • Sintered base
  • Ridden by Guy Firer


(Sq Inches)
(LBS Range)
130 3.2″ 19″-25″ 16.6″ 745 Up to 160 lbs
135 3.3″ 20″-26″ 16.7″ 779 Up to 175 lbs
140 3.4″ 21″-27″ 16.8″ 812 Up to 175 lbs
145 3.6″ 22″-28″ 16.9″ 846 165 lbs and Up

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