Hyperlite Soul Mate

Hyperlite Soul Mate
Hyperlite Soul Mate
Výrobca: Hyperlite
Kód produktu: 2020
Dostupnosť: Skladom
Cena: 549.00€ 399.00€

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Babský špecial pre jazdenie na vleku a prekážkach.

Užšia konštrukcia zaručuje lahkosť a výbornú ovládateľnosť. Vďaka tejto vlastnosti treba vyberať dlhšiu dosku , ta sa ale odvďači mäkšími dopadmi a väčšov stabilitov.


Based on ladies’ response to the new Pleasure Wakeboard Hyperlite introduces the Soul Mate, our specific cable board with an even softer feel provide by our Satin Flex. The Soul Mate delivers a speedy feel on the water and its Narrow Profile also makes transferring energy edge to edge a cinch. Our Fully Machined Wood Core distributes a consistent flex from tip to tail which is softer than warm butter.

TECH Details

Sized Up Philosophy

Advances in board construction have reduced boards' overall weight, keeping swing weight at a minimum. Combined with the wake size of today, this evolution means it's time to ride a larger board delivering more pop and airtime and more stable and secure landings.

Sintered Base

Our Sintered Base material is the strongest, most durable running surface we offer. The Sintered formula undergoes a process that creates a strong bond between particles, making the finished product nearly indestructible. This base option is the perfect choice for the cable park season pass holder.

TAF Soft Flex Pattern

The "T" in TAF stands for Thin, you can figure out the rest. This flex pattern is on the soft side and consistent from tip to tail.

Satin Flex

Tailored specifically to a female rider's needs. A softer glass layup creates a more supple flex and a board built to our top female riders' standards.

Urethane Sidewall

Molded urethane flexes seamlessly with a wakeboard and bonds to top and base laminates for a fully bonded construction.

Abrupt Continuous Rocker

This rocker line adds a little more kick to the speed that so many riders look for. The Abrupt Continuous rocker line transitions to a slightly exaggerated tip and tail rocker, creating added pop without sacrificing speed into the wake.

M6 Inserts
360 Degree Edge Bevel
Narrow Profile / Flat Base Design
Fully Machined Wood Core
Mid-Body Channels
Balanced Bi-Axial Fiberglass Lay-Up
Shaped by Aaron

Aaron has a solid pedigree in board design and he’s responsible for everything that goes into a Hyperlite board today. No wonder he and Rusty devised the Marek which earned multiple “Board of the Year” awards. Always enhancing a wakeboard’s performance, whether at the top end with our Kruz Nova or entry level with our best-selling State 2.0, he’s Hyperlite’s master mind, killing it for boat and cable riders alike.

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