WAXTHAT Wakeboard Wax

WAXTHAT Wakeboard Wax
Výrobca: Wax That
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Cena: 10.00€

The World’s First Wakeskate & Wakeboard Wax For Perfect Park Performance!

We’re putting an end to sticky moments on park features. Waxthat is an eco friendly rub-on base coating formulated to protect the board and provides a consistent and predictable ride in the wakeparks. Our original formula brings balance to the forces of friction and glide, giving you dependable board feel on any park feature surface. Also for winching on urban rails and ledges Waxthat will give you that perfect performance.

Each one of our non-toxic, biodegradable components is blended in small, precise batches ensuring a consistent, predictable result from opener to the ender, every day!

• For More Consistent And Predictable Glide Performance
• Protection for the base
• For All Temperatures
• Long Lasting Rub On Wax
• Eco-Friendly Additives
• More Than 25 Wax Turns
• Hand Poured In The Netherlands

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