Vimana B rage

Vimana B rage
Výrobca: Vimana
Kód produktu: limited
Dostupnosť: Skladom
Cena: 499.00€ 399.00€

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B-Rage Saturation Series

A limited color way of the B-Rage

Brage Richenberg is the essence of Scando Style

From big booters to gnarly re-directions, his board takes a massive beating. Brage wanted a board with mellow flex and master pop.

Juiced up with our Carbonn/Kevlar, The B-Rage is perfectly tuned to cruise the park, hit the streets or rip the whole mountain.

The Shallowtree artwork is dipped in gold and silver flakes Fromm deep in the Norwegian mountains.

Equipped with our all new V-Tip, turning your Park board into a Pow board.



Ultralight Core
Carbon / Kevlar Blend
True Camber
Sintered 7200 StoneGrinded Base
True Twin
Limited Edition

Flex Rate

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