Slingshot 2022 Solo + Rad Combo

Slingshot 2022 Solo + Rad Combo
Výrobca: Slingshot
Kód produktu: 2022
Dostupnosť: Skladom
Cena: 1,178.00€ 1,049.90€

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2022 Solo

All-Terrain / Carve / Tech



Just like our pro team rider Dylan Miller, the Solo is built to shred all disciplines of the sport. From park to wake, winch to truck, if it can be ridden or slidden, the Solo will get it done with ease. The Solo's flex tips are excellent for locking into deep presses on obstacles, while the basic rail channels through the center of the base and stiffer belly deliver the traction and pop necessary to boost off the wake. The Solo also features a narrower outline than our other wakeboards, making it the obvious choice for any sudden slalom challenges.




We made the Solo to dominate all disciplines of wakeboarding for the rider that knows no boundaries between boats, cables, winches and more. If there's water to be ridden, the Solo is the tool for the job.


The Solo was built for all riding situations, so whether you end up in a backyard winch park, out on Dave's Bayliner, or even behind a jet ski at the coast, the Solo will provide an epic, unrivaled riding experience

2022 Rad





The RAD boot is our highest performance fixed-liner wakeboard boot. With a combination of a lower-lace system and dual-zone Gummy Strap Closure System, the RADs offer customized support everywhere a rider needs it most. Whether you prefer to spend your time behind the boat or in the park, these boots have a decade of experience and design evolution, maximizing rider confidence and extending ride times for wakeboarders all around the world.




We built the RAD Boots to deliver maximum support and performance in a lightweight streamlined boot design for advanced boat and cable wakeboarders.


  • The RAD boot is our original closed-toe boot with over a decade of refinement.
  • It's the perfect blend of performance, comfort and style. Our "old faithful" for all styles of riders.

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