Vimana The B-Rage V2

Vimana The B-Rage V2
Vimana The B-Rage V2
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The B-Rage V2


Brage Richenberg is the essence of Scando Style


Introducing the all new B-Rage by PartyLap king Brage Richenberg.

Built on our award winning all-mountain directional platform
The B-Rage is our new fine tuned sidecut with added V-Tips.

The V-Tip early rise nose swallows bumps and gives you paramount powder lift. A tapered tail balances out the board perfectly and eliminates speed wobles. Carbon/Kevlar inlays poweres up the board to hit any sidehit in sight.

Tuned by Brage guarantees you a fun fueled allmountain freestyle machine.

Easy ridden, super fun and enough power to conquer anything in its path.

Rider level

Beginner to advanced


Ultralight Core
Carbon / Kevlar Blend
True Camber
Sintered 7200 StoneGrinded Base
Limited Edition

Flex Rate


V-Tip Extra wide wings on the tips gets you floating in powder and momentum in spins

Carbon / Kevlar Blend Massive ollie power and swallows vibrations 

Ultralight Woodcore We use ultralight poplar wood grown close to our factory. 

Sintered 7200 Competition grade base, the fastest base in the world

Directional Faster turns, more stability, perfectly balanced.

Camber Massive ollie power, maximum response.

Limited Edition Available now, Gone tomorrow. A timeless piece.


 Length (cm) (A)


Running length (cm) (B)


Nose width (mm) (C)


Tail width (mm) (E)


Waist width(mm) (D)




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