Korua Café Racer Plus

Korua Café Racer Plus
Výrobca: Korua
Kód produktu: plus
Dostupnosť: Skladom
Cena: 749.00€

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Even more bite on Ice!

Our go to carving board has been updated to include a layer of vibration-absorbing Titanium to reduce chatter and offer super smooth processing of bumps. It also adds even more bite when turning on ice, and enhanced control at high speeds! Combined with our highest grade base material, this marks a big performance gain to our already beloved carving shape. If getting super low on your turns is your priority, and you like it when your edges lock in no matter what, this is the board for you.


While its main focus is on carving, the Café Racer Plus can still easily be taken off-piste for some deep powder turns. It's dampening properties, and little extra weight from the titanium, make it a very fast, precise & controlled ride in most conditions. It loves quick powerful turns and offers great handling at high speeds. Its grip is incomparable, even on ice.
The Details

The Café Racer Plus features a FULL CAMBER profile, which provides extra stability and maximum grip, as the full length of your edge lies in the snow, while still providing float and speed in soft snow due to a smooth transition into the nose area. We recommend riding this board with steeper positive binding angles and a slightly narrower stance to let the board flex more naturally under your feet.

Length (cm) 159
Effective Edge (mm)  *A* 1200
Running Length (mm) 1060
Nose Width (mm)  *B* 324
Waist Width (mm)  *C* 269
Tail Width (mm)  *D* 293
Avg. Sidecut Radius (m) 8.2
Setback (mm) 20
Taper (mm) 31
Recommended Stance (cm) 55
Adjust. Stance Range (cm) 50 - 63
Board Weight (kg) 3.4
Switch Riding Doable





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