Slingshot Contrast 142+ Jewel Combo

Slingshot Contrast 142+ Jewel Combo
Výrobca: Slingshot
Kód produktu: combo
Dostupnosť: Skladom
Cena: 1,118.00€ 1,005.00€
Bez DPH: 837.50€

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The ultimate crossover board designed to be ridden anywhere your adventures take you—from lakes to rivers, cables, boats, winches and beyond.

All Terrain / Carve / Tech


The tapered Flex Tips and a more rigid belly give the Contrast the perfect blend of cable and boat performance—it has all the pop and ollie power you need for behind boat while the Flex Tips deliver unmatched press-ability in the park. It's a fast-carving, freeride board that will cover all the bases—from first timers all the way to Carro Djupsjo status! The Contrast is a fast, easy-riding board built for all riding environments... for the girl who can't be bothered by a couple of butterflies and a pinch of glitter.



Why We Made It

We made the Contrast to be the ultimate board for every style of riding. Whether your crew is meeting up at the park or you've got the invite to ride the boat, the Contrast is the only board you need in your trunk for an epic day on the water!


Why You'll Love It

  • You'll love the Contrast because it offers the perfect balance of traction and pop for boat riding and then immediately transforms into a rail-riding machine by simply removing the fins.

Atomic Wood Core


The Jewel

boots are our highest performance women's-specific fixed-liner wake boots designed for both the boat and cable

Package Includes:

Jewel Boots, 1 Set of Gummy Straps, K9 Mounting Hardware

Laced / Performance / Medium Flex


The Jewel boot is our highest performance fixed-liner wakeboard boot designed exclusively for women. With a combination of a lower-lace system and dual-zone Gummy Strap Closure System, the Jewels offer customized support everywhere a rider needs it most. Whether you prefer to spend your time behind the boat or in the park, the Jewel boots have nearly a decade of experience and design evolution, maximizing rider confidence and extending ride times for wakeboarders all around the world.



Why We Made It

We built the female-specific Jewel boots to deliver maximum support and performance in a lightweight streamlined boot designed for advanced boat and cable wakeboarders.


Why You'll Love It

  • The Jewels are a woman's perfect blend of performance, comfort, and style—tried and true for nearly a decade and going strong!

#2023 Slingshot Jewel Ladies Wakeboard Boot Sizing

  • EU 36/US 6 / 23.5cm
  • EU 37/US 7 / 24cm
  • EU 38.5/US 8 / 25cm
  • EU 40/US 9 / 25.5
  • EU 41/US 10 / 26cm

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