Ripndip Nerm Story Skateboard

Ripndip Nerm Story Skateboard
Výrobca: Ripndip
Kód produktu: 8,25''
Dostupnosť: Skladom
Cena: 74.40€ 58.80€
Bez DPH: 49.00€

Lord Nermal is a massive fan of ToyStory's Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head and thought he would fit right into the family. However, Pixar Studios wasn't all happy about his idea, leaving Lord Nermal with only one option. Introducing, The Nerm Story - the many many faces of Nerm.

Great deck for all levels

  • Any level of skater will feel right at home on this deck with its nice concave shape and size
  • The Rip N Dip skateboard decks are made in the United States with a classic 7-ply maple construction
Deck length:
31.75" (80.6cm)
14.25" (36.2cm)
Deck material:
Maple, 7-ply
Deck Colours:
Varying top veneer colours, Fixed Colours
Deck features:
Double kicktail

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