Arbor Shuriken 8.25 Getzlaff

Arbor Shuriken 8.25 Getzlaff
Výrobca: Arbor
Kód produktu: 8,25''
Dostupnosť: Skladom
Cena: 64.90€ 59.88€
Bez DPH: 49.90€

Shuriken Shannon's signature shape with a softer concave for increased board feel.

Artist: Connor Getzlaff

7 Ply Sustainable Canadian Maple
Wood material comes from sustainable sources of supply
Wood by-product is reclaimed for use in other products
San Diego standout, Shuriken Shannon is known for his smooth, laid-back, super authentic style, that’s consistently delivered with power, control, and raw authority. Shuriken’s artistic approach to spots has always allowed him to see new possibilities for his uniquely creative bag of tricks. The Shuriken Pro Model reflects his independence and hard earned perspective on his own skating. The series was developed as a collaboration with close friend, tattoo artist, and Washington Street fixture - Connor Getzlaff.

L: 32.00" | W: 8.25" | WB: 14.375"

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