Hyperlite Process

Hyperlite Process
Výrobca: Hyperlite
Kód produktu: Process 2013
Dostupnosť: Skladom
Cena: 419.00€ 199.00€

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Finding the perfect balance between a board that rides great at the cable and equally as well behind the boat was the goal of the new Process series. Designed specifically for one of the most progressive cable riders in the world, Nick Davies, the Process combines subtle cable specific features with a responsive and explosive shape. This series features new multi-tiered base channels that create unmatched edge hold and speed into the wake. Slightly rolled edges between the feet and at the tip and tail are strategically placed for durability and feel while on rail. Updated with full Sintered Enduro base construction, the Process series will hold up to anything you can throw at it.


- Shaped by Aaron
- Biolite 3 Core
- Sintered Enduro Base
- Abrupt Continuous Rocker
- Multi-tiered Channel
- 9 degree Angled Fins
- Molded Landing Feature
- Variable Edge Design
- Monocoque Construction
- Layered Glass
- M6 Inserts
- Fins: 4–.8 Slider

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