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Slingshot / Remote Fins
Slingshot 2015 Shredtown Liner Lace Kit
Slingshot 2015 Shredtown Liner Lace Kit ..
Slingshot 2017 Jewel
2017 Jewel: This female-specific boot is designed with the same two-zone closure system as the ..
419.00€ 269.00€
Slingshot 2017 RAD
• Medium flex offers ideal balance between support and mobility  • High performance, high cush..
489.00€ 269.00€
Slingshot 2019 Super Grom
ONE COOL CAT A pro level board design in a kid friendly size – for the kid who was never a fan of..
529.00€ 399.00€
Slingshot 2019 Terrain
UNLOCK YOUR SPECIAL METER The first ride on the Terrain is like when you first discovered the che..
489.00€ 339.00€
Slingshot 2020 Grom
No more loosey-goosey boots you have to wait three seasons to grow into. The Grom is a shrunk-down v..
279.00€ 229.00€
Slingshot 2020 KTV
The KTV is the best boot in our line for riders who want a clean and streamlined design with the mos..
469.00€ 399.00€
Slingshot 2020 Nomad
Large and in charge, the Nomad is a crossover boat/cable board with a bigger, wider outline that del..
529.00€ 439.00€
Slingshot 2020 Option
The Option is a high performance open-toed boot ideal for when you want to share your ride. Perfect ..
299.00€ 269.00€
Slingshot 2020 RAD
Built for cable and boat riders alike, the RAD is our legacy all-around boot that provides the happy..
519.00€ 409.00€
Slingshot 2020 Solo
The 2020 Solo is a boat shredding, park destroying dream machine. The flex tips allow for a new sort..
599.00€ 449.00€
Slingshot 2020 Space Mob
The Space Mob is our all-terrain boot designed and ridden by the most progressive park riders in the..
519.00€ 449.00€
Slingshot 2020 Volt
V Eu sklade, dodanie do dvoch tyzdnov A new addition to our lineup, the 2020 Volt is a cable-spec..
599.00€ 459.00€
Slingshot 2020 Water Gunn
A beefed-up version of our Terrain model for charging obstacles and kickers and softening the blow w..
599.00€ 449.00€